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About Wedge

Wedge exists to:


  • Expand access to contemporary art in Chicago, and the Rogers Park area;


  • Recognize and benefit artists by supporting the fullness of their creative and professional aspirations; 


  • Catalyze creative growth and foster interrelationships between artists and the community; and


  • Create and provide opportunities, contributions and services aimed at generating a sustainable web of meaningful impact beyond its walls and name.


Wedge Projects is, an artist and art centric non -profit organization located in Rogers Park. Our programming centers on “The Residency”, a continuing series of artist guided projects and exhibits. “The Residency” is an alternative designed to support and advantage artists’ own autonomous, creative ambitions by minimizing the weight of institutional oversight and extenuating pressures to identify with ideologically, politically or socially engaged dernier cris.  

At Wedge, our efforts offer a very specific, alternative view of agency and collaboration; we provide tangible options for artists, - on their terms. Our overarching aim is to create and make available, enabling conditions within which artists can clarify, deepen and reinforce their relationships with their practices. We encourage artists to reach into the entire range of their thinking and ambitions coordinated with an opportunity to publicly exhibit the results in a professional context. As our project succeeds with and for artists, it further actuates on behalf of members of the public, analogous, uncluttered access to alternative options for more directly engaging with their own inalienable, creative nature.  



Wedge is a 501c3, non profit corporation and is sustainable only through the generous contributions of supporters. Donations may be sent to Wedge Projects

1448 W. Howard St. Chicago, Illinois 60626

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