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The Residency


What takes place through Wedge revolves around “The Residency”.  It engenders important, supportive implications for makers through offering effective conditions to individual artists. Notably, these implications extend to the public’s experience as well.

Our projects are not curated, as such, because a basic tenet of our program is that it is directed to subvert and minimize the effects of subordination and instrumentalization that can otherwise inhibit an artist’s general sense of autonomy, confidence, and clarity. Therefore, the artist decides how best they can extend and reinforce the thought and ambition inherent in their practice; the artist determines the range, direction, process and form of what they hope to emphasize and achieve during their residency. Our managerial, administrative roles, by design, become subordinate to the artists objectives.

 Artists are granted 24-hour access to Wedge allowing them to work and think as they choose. When help is needed, our staff is available to assist with a range of technical experience, skills, and sweat equity. The nature, timing, and duration of public presentations are also directed by the artist and may include special programming such as performance, artist talks, etc., as part of their residencies. We support and allow for some flexibility in order to accommodate various levels of spontaneous discovery if the need presents itself. Typically, a resident will occupy Wedge for several weeks, developing their project, before opening to the public. In the event that logistical, practical or unforeseen conditions arise, staff may be consulted and may assist either in a managerial or collaborative role, at the behest of the artist. Wedge organizes and pays for promotion through our website and other social media. Design and content decisions related to promotion are made in coordination with residents. Receptions are covered out of Wedge funds.

 At Wedge, our selection process is comparatively unstructured and takes place through recommendations, and personal interaction. It is a method, rather than a system, which we apply with scrupulous attention given to proactive participation, research, and outreach. Our method is considered, intentional, and carried out with persistent and diligent dedication to diversity and inclusiveness. It works well; it is direct, transparent, and eliminates unproductive procedural formality and administrative red tape.

 Our uncluttered, responsive, and intelligible range of services is substantive and reinforces everyone’s personal right of unfettered free speech.

 Our heuristic view has proven the value and desirability of what we offer, what we achieve, and what we project for public consumption. 


Current Residents

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