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Wedge Projects has closed.

Wedge has always and consistently been an unabashedly, idealistic proposition. Wedge has never wavered from its commitment to privileging creative ambition while providing freedom from instrumentalization, unbinding support and an understanding that each artist’s relationship with their creative selves is complicated by the trespasses and frustrations of real-world circumstances.  Throughout these past seven years, Wedge has adhered to these tenets and thus, has been a rare, substantial, and meaningful contributor to the Chicago contemporary art scene.


For me, personally, Wedge has been a source of real meaning and engagement and it saddens me to think that it will just go away. I wonder then, if among you all, and including (possibly) many others you may know, there is an individual or group who can see the value and, yes, importance, of keeping Wedge alive and, who would be inspired to step up and guide its evolution.

For now, the space exists, and its non-profit status is in good standing, as is its reputation.


Peter Fleps


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