indsey Dorr-Niro’s upcoming residency at


Wedge has been revived! With the real possibility that we’ll soon be emancipated from the oppressive control of the pandemic, we are happy to announce that we have begun to schedule projects once again. We are also excited about our completely re-configured space. In collaboration with Lindsey Dorr-Niro, we’ve devised a space plan which allows viewers outside to see into and through the space from three sides, 24 hours a day. From now on, we’ll be able to offer the public a more connected, proximate experience to the art work inside, whether by intention or simply by chance.


See you soon.

Lindsey Dorr-Niro

Upcoming residency at Wedge Projects

Lindsey Dorr-Niro’s upcoming residency at Wedge Projects, Re/Iterative Form, will unfold in three acts over the course of a three-month occupancy of the Wedge space. The space has been repartitioned to establish a kind of stage upon which a modular exhibition will evolve in response not only to the modified interior environment and architecture, but also to the ever-changing external environment. While the exhibition will be directly viewable within the space at three distinct intervals, the reframed windows create an open channel that makes the exhibition visible at any point from either side of the triangular building that houses the space. 


Drawing from the abstracted detritus of daily life—packaging materials, prefab furniture and storage components, elements of abandoned toys, and more “organic” matter--both familiar and new architectural elements, objects, imagery, and sculptural forms will appear and be reconfigured as an iterative and emergent constellation. This constellated space will then, over the course of the residency, be punctuated by performative events such as site-responsive readings and music.


Lindsey Dorr-Niro is concerned with the ways in which neoliberal political ideology, which seeks to financialize every aspect of existence, becomes spatialized and subsequently naturalized, circumscribing not only the political imaginary but the imagination—our very ability to “hallucinate an alternative.” This ideological-cum-perceptual limitation, she argues, combined with our increasingly mediated, indirect, individualized, and immaterial engagement with the world, has produced exceedingly disembodied and thus disempowered modern subjects.

In response to these conditions, primarily through large scale installations, Dorr-Niro orchestrates diverse contemplative platforms and spaces of entanglement that invite the viewer to pause and consider not only what but how it is they are experiencing. Through this kind of engaged vision, viewers are invited to reframe and reorient themselves -- to consider new ways of being in and for the world.

Her work insists on embodiment (direct perception) as a precursor to agency—specifically the embodied perception of the "constructed-ness" of reality. Whether the subject is a space, sculpture, video, photograph, text, or lecture, her work enacts and highlights interdependencies--processes and relations of connection, modulation, potential, and transformation—illuminating in the viewer their innate capacity to imagine and construct the world and themselves otherwise. This insistence on transformative potential aims to facilitate an embodied, conscious, and ecstatic alternative to the amnesiac conditions of our contemporary neoliberal landscape.